Air quality management

VOCIECONS environmental engineers and atmospheric scientists offer expertise in air dispersion modelling and preparation of emissions inventories for mines and industrial operations. Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases from proposed and existing operations often have the potential to affect local and regional air quality. Advanced air dispersion models, such as CALPUFF, allow Rescan to produce predictions of air quality impacts and evaluate the effectiveness of different mitigation measures. Our team has conducted atmospheric dispersion studies for numerous mineral development projects in the Middle East and Indonesia. These analyses, along with well-designed emissions management plans, help our clients to obtain the necessary permits for project approval.

VOCIECONS’s expertise includes:

  • Preparation of air emissions inventories, including greenhouse gas emissions
  • Development of emissions mitigation programs
  • Design of air quality management plans
  • Advanced non-steady state air dispersion modelling for gaseous, particulate and deposition contaminants including acidic and noxious emissions
  • Specialized modelling for fugitive dust, complex terrain and shoreline settings
  • Baseline ambient air quality and dust deposition sampling for gaseous and particulate parameters
  • Source emissions testing and calculation of optimum stack height
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