Contaminated land and remediation

VOCIECONS have experienced engineers and scientists that can deliver value-added, site-specific solutions for clients addressing all aspects of the remediation process—from site investigation and feasibility studies to risk assessment, remedy selection, remedial design and construction management to site reuse. 

At the forefront of sustainable remediation, we apply innovative thinking and techniques with the ever-present goal of achieving closure to site issues. We draw on a diverse range of scientific and engineering experience to bring a holistic turnkey approach and a global perspective to implementing solutions.

VOCIECONS team of professionals can provide a complete service package; including the inventory; MOE proposal; sampling and testing of surface water, groundwater, sediment, soil, rock, and building material; estimate of remediation cost; remedial options evaluation; risk assessment; decommissioning and remediation plans; negotiation with the MOE and other regulatory authorities; environmental assessment and public meetings; inspection and consultation during decommissioning/remedial works; confirmatory sampling and testing; monitoring of site environmental conditions during and following decommissioning/remedial works; and Record of Site Condition at completion of the works, as required by the MOE.

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