Environmental impact assessment

VOCIECONS provides full life cycle (cradle to grave) environmental planning from conceptual project planning through regulatory applications, construction, reclamation, post-construction monitoring, auditing and decommissioning.

VOCIECONS manage and develop Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Statements (ES). We also undertake Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA). Working with a wide range of clients, we also established a reputation for providing professional, independent and practical advice based on thorough scientific investigation. At VOCIECONS we have vast experience sin undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments for a range of diverse projects. We manage and co-ordinate a multi-disciplinary team to produce detailed Environmental Appraisals and Environmental Statements, addressing all potential environmental impacts of a project.

VOCIECONS provide our clients with detailed research of each stage of the Environmental Impact Assessment, from screening and scoping, to issue of the final report and implementation of mitigation and monitoring measures. Using our experienced ecologists, hydrologists, engineers and social scientists, we identify the needs of a project and where potential environmental impacts may arise. We then undertake all necessary survey work to identify baseline conditions and potential impacts of the projects.

We also offer integrated planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services to both the private and public sectors through extensive technical knowledge and an understanding of planning issues and regulatory requirements.

Our team can advise on the need for EIA, negotiate with local planning authorities and undertake rigorous scoping studies to guide the main assessment process through to the production of the Environmental Statement.

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