Geographic information systems

GIS Services provides comprehensive support to VOCECONS’s clients, managers, scientists, planners, professional engineers and geoscientists. This includes providing technical information and specifications regarding survey and mapping accuracies, coordinate systems and transformations, remote sensing, as well as GIS based survey and mapping products.

All aspects of GIS including production of ArcGIS related maps (digitizing, scanning, and conversions) from ground and aerial surveys, upgrading of hard copy maps to electronic format or printed format are provided.

Selected GIS Services include:

  • Development and updating of project related mapping products, including geo-referencing of satellite images and digital orthophoto mapping
  • Data capturing of features by GPS, photography, LIDAR, surveys & other means
  • Conversion of data to GIS formats, including CAD to GIS formats
  • Development, management and support of project related (geo) databases
  • Data analysis and modelling related to wildlife habitats, ecosystems, hydrology, fisheries and aquatics, archaeological potential and socio- and economic impact assessments.
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